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Japan Prepares

At the onset of any Olympic Games is significant pressure on the host country. And of course the massive expense of putting. Japan looks up to the job. Consider that they had put aside $3.7 billion to find the job finished. Preparation for a host country goes far beyond the primary stadium and related venues. For example Japan is increasing airport capacity and train services. National Stadium will be on the same grounds as the 1964 venue. The stadium was completely demolished for its replacement. Capacity will increase from 50,000 to 80,000. Top National Contenders United States is a -2000 favorite with the 2020 Olympic betting odds to win the most gold medals. Following is China in +800, Great Britain +2500, Russia and Germany +10000. Are Korea Republic +25000, Italy and France in +50000. Spain opened with any other state at +5000 +100000. Overall medals have the United States as the -10000 chalk. China is at +1200 with Great Britain at +1600 and Russia at +2500. Germany opened with any nationwide at +3300. Notable Dates The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will start on July 24, 2020. Extending for 17 days the final ceremonies will be on August 9, 2020. The National Anthem of Japan and the Olympic Anthem will be performed. There will be a tribute to the Paralympic Games. An artistic celebration will have a tribute to Japan’s history and culture. “Discover Tomorrow” is the them and slogan of the 2020 Games. Read more: