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Junior Dos Santos Breakdown: As we all know, the”Black Beast” has mad power so his”punchers chance” is a really real threat in every fight. JDS introduces a new type of opponent for Lewis, which ought to restrict his KO threat. Lewis has very bad cardio but does take his power to subsequent rounds. Historically he absorbs damage until his opponent begins to slow, giving Lewis an opening to property. JDS has arguably the best cardio at the branch and will readily outwork Lewis in every round. He is a specialized striker and willing to play it safe on the outside, darting in with shots into the body and creating distance with his kicks. His weakness has always been stress fighters who crowd him with mixes. Lewis presents not one of these attributes, frequently backing himself into the fence looking for single shots. Furthermore Lewis has a weak body and JDS will be smart to target this place together with front kicks and step in jabs. This could go to decision but such as the Lewis/Hunt fight, he could only wilt to back or fatigue issues. JDS has almost every benefit in this fight and once more Derrick Lewis will probably be either a blessed KO or bust. The public is overestimating Lewis’ probability to land a big shot, based on his streak of come from behind finishes. If he fails, then he has no other route to success. Back the fighter in JDS to make this one look easy.With only one completely free wager released, Premium Members will have their subscription extended for one occasion mechanically. Follow us TWITTER to find the newest updates and thoughts on upcoming fights. Don’t forget to size your bets according to your very own conservative lender roll strategy! We recommend a single bet shouldn’t be more than 5 percent of your total bankroll. Before setting your plan, read our Bankroll Management manual. Confused about betting? Our Betting Guide has you covered with the fundamentals and explains how to utilize the MMABETMACHINE system. Any queries contact us or start looking for the FAQ. We may wager on cage fighting, but we are pretty friendly! View our historic bets here where we’re third party monitored to ensure whole assurance for our associates. Read more: 4liveworldcup.com