How many gamers on here play proline point disperse from canada I would sure want to hear from you and your thoughts. I’m from Ontario Canada and perform thegreek sportsbook and proline point spread. I know a whole lot of times we get various spreads than a number of these sportsbooks. Last week I had Washington +3.5, New England -6.5 and Monday I had the Giants -3.5. 2 hundred paid $1000.00. Anyway let me know it’d be interesting to chat about the early lines that come out on Wednesday. I still do a little play pointspread for canada’s proline and used to. I do notice that frequently there are soft lines to take advantage of however the fact that 3, 5, 4 and up parlays (essentially) are a sucker bet I feel cancels out the soft lines. Each week I will usually throw a few proline down tickets but it’s more for the pleasure of chasing that big money winner compared to clever gaming sense. I switched to internet with pinnacle this past year and much prefer it. Thanks for responding jayrbooth. I would never go any more than 3 manner parlay your best the 4 and 5 parlays are sucker bets. Three is tough enough. However if I was to roll the $1000.00 I won last months plays you probably know it’d be $5000.00 per week and $25000. The week. Thats about as much as you can roll it impossible to get all bets in @ $100.00 a soda . It wills roll if I see three matches. Once more thanks for responding and let me know your early leans this week. In addition, I play with thegreek sportsbook easier to get the bets in. Read more: manchesterinnews.com