Is Claude Julien the Change the Canadiens Needed?Cat:未分類

After starting the 2016-17 NHL season with an unbelievable 13-1-1 record, the Canadiens have fallen back to the earth, posting an 18-18-7 record as. The 4-0 loss to Boston on February 12 was their sixth in seven matches and it had been the straw that broke the camel’s back for former Habs head coach Michel Therrien. The Canadiens declared two days later, on Valentine’s Day, they would be moving on from Therrien and bringing Claude Julien straight back to the fold following his recent departure from Boston. It became clear that players had grown tired of Therrien, and from many reports from former players, that’s not a big surprise. Julien will make a much-needed character change behind the seat in Montreal and should instantly command the esteem in a somewhat shattered locker room. This is a move that will, if nothing else, calm the frustrations of jaded fans but should be a great long-term move for the historical franchise. BetOnline has put several props up related especially to the Habs and how the rest of their 2016-17 will play out to them. It is possible to wager on the OVER/UNDER for how many points they’ll finish with, where they’ll endure when the final whistle blows on the regular period and how their 2016-17 will finish. Now, it looks like it’d take a complete collapse for anybody to overtake the Canadiens for first place in the Atlantic. Despite their awful run, they still sit up six points on the Senators and Bruins to the best spot and as we have seen from each trainer firing/hiring this season, we should see an immediate boost from the Canadiens’ play. For this writing, the Canadiens were on rate for 99 points and it is unlikely that they get worse beneath Julien. I enjoy them to get OVER that 97.5-point total that’s been set for them and if they do, they’ll easily win their division. There’s some dispute among pundits on whether the Canadiens possess the ability necessary to generate a deep run in the playoffs and if this trainer swap was a desperate movement. The only issue with that debate is the Habs still have Carey Price, the consensus greatest goalie in the NHL/world. No. 31 had become frustrated with all the head coach in Montreal and it showed in his play. Julien should be in a position to get Price’s head screwed back and when he does, there’s no limit to what this team can perform. Although the skill levels of both teams can’t really be compared, this move feels a lot like the one the Penguins made in the middle of last year’s Stanley Cup-winning season. Mike Johnston had lost the respect of the Penguins locker room along with stale had grown. You may only tell the identical motivational speech so many times before you become tagged as a blowhard and I think that is precisely how Max Pacioretty and the rest of the Habs felt roughly Therrien. With the depth of competition coming in the Metropolitan, it’s going to be hard for the Canadiens to make it from the East and I’m not at all implying they go deep in the postseason. What I am saying is that using a highly respected coach in Julien now behind the seat, they have a lot greater chance. Montreal’s first game with Julien at the helm will come Saturday when the Canadiens sponsor the Jets in the Bell Centre. This is going to be must-watch television and based on the small sample size that has witnessed that the Islanders, Blues and Bruins go a joint 16-5 straight up in games to date under new direction, the Habs ought to be a fantastic bet. Read more here: