Billy Joe Saunders warns Chris Eubank Jr not to isolate himself away from his fatherCat:未分類

His rival Billy Joe Saunders has warned chris Eubank Jr not to fight without his fathers guidance. Eubank Jr appreciated a win from James DeGale this season in his corner, with no the world champion, Eubank Sr and boxing legend. Eubank Jr has turned into his own man but, the problem ishe has not been overly active. His dad has his flaws but he had been there and done it, said Saunders, that finished Eubank Jrs unbeaten record in 2014, to Sky Sports. A clever man would have taken the great from his dad, and left the evil. However, Eubank Jr hasnt done that. It is all or nothing, along with his father. Because he has not been with his dad, he has not jammed. Eubank Jr employed a full-time trainer for the very first time in his career but has parted ways with him. Vasquez has told Sky Sports:If you proceed from trainer to coach, its no good Saunders insists that the weaknesses he exposed at Eubank Jr by outpointing him five years ago will never be addressed. You cant teach an old dog new tricks, Saunders explained. Eubank Jr is 30 now. You cant teach him a jab. Get him match, wind him up, let him proceed. That is it. What can you do against him? You move, duck, flip, go, duck, hit, hold, reach. Eubank Jr can not deal with this. Eubank Jr formerly told Sky Sports that he had a rematch with Saunders, who defends his WBO super-middleweight belt against Marcelo Esteban Coceres about KSI vs Logan Pauls undercard. When that fight happens, he will get whats coming, and I will have the ability to move on, Eubank Jr stated. At this phase, the fight could be produced. It is just when and where. Saunders responded:Its a bitter pill to swallow for Eubank Jr.. After he lost to George Groves, there was no build-up, no conversation, it had been nicey-nicey. But with me? There was plenty of build-up and he didnt back up what he stated hed do. I really did – and that is the reason why Eubank Jr has openly stated that he hates me. I dont despise him. I do not hate him although I dont like him. I had a dialogue with his brother a couple of months ago. His brother walked around me and shook his hands. He didnt actually mention Chris Jr.. Saunders promoter Eddie Hearn previously mentioned concerning Eubank Jr:I dont know what hes doing. Is he retired? He had the best win of his career in February and nobody has ever seen him as. I dont know why. I really could create the Saunders or [Callum Smith] struggles today. Callum and billy Joe are equally up for that fight. I think Eubank Jr would like to win world titles so why not? Eubank Jr is really a huge name and a great fighter. WBA super-middleweight winner Smith explained:it is a battle that you cant get away from and I think that its something that has to occur. Eubank Jr may not have a domain or be highly-rated as other fighters in the division but there is no denying that he is a big name. I think he is a terrific fighter should you stand in front of him, and have it with him. But he has shown weaknesses to good fighters on more than 1 occasion and I would be confident of having enough to get the work finished. Read more here: