National League WestCat:未分類

The National League West is Just One of the three divisions of the National League of Major League Baseball in North America (including Canada).

This Division was made for the 1969 season when the National League expanded to 12 teams by incorporating the San Diego Padres and the Montreal Expos. For purpose of maintaining a regular-season of all 162 matches, half of the groups were put into the new East Division and half to the brand new West Division. Within each branch, the teams played 18 games each against their five division mates (90 games), along with 12 games against the teams in the opposite division (72 games), totaling 162 games. Regardless of the geography, the owners of the Chicago Cubs insisted their team be put in the East Division along with the teams at New York City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Also, the owners of the St. Louis Cardinals wanted that group to maintain the same division with their natural rivals of the Cubs. The league could have insisted on a orientation like the American League did. But the owners were concerned about what they believed would be a massive imbalance in the strength of these divisions. In the two seasons prior to realignment, Cubs, and the Cardinals, Giants finished 1-2-3 in the National League standings. The owners were concerned about putting those teams in the same division, thereby producing one very strong division (West) and one weak one (East). Given All This, the owners of the Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds agreed to being put into the West Division, although Atlanta and Cincinnati are both in the Eastern Time Zone. Hence, the West Division had clubs spread all of the way from the East to the Pacific Coast, and scattered over four time zones. The East Division was distributed over the Eastern Time Zone and the Central Time Zone – in Spite of the Fact that the National League had six teams in the Eastern Time Zone and six teams spread involving the Central Time Zone and the Pacific Time Zone. All this increased the travel distances and times for all the teams, and it also made radio broadcasting and TV broadcasts of the games more challenging to schedule. The Braves and the Reds needed to travel all the way to California three times during each baseball season, along with the 3 teams in California had to travel to Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Houston three occasions too. From time to time, the problem could be alleviated for them by playing some games in Chicago, St. Louis, or Pittsburgh on the same long road trips. The 1994 inclusion of the Central Division would completely fix these issues, when the Reds and Braves moved to the NL Central and NL East respectively. Read more here: