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Harry Entry Golden Nugget Contest Update

Period 1: 6-1 Week 2: 6-1 Period 3: 2-5 Week 4: 4-3 Week 5: 4-2-1 Week 6: 6-1 Total: 28-13-1 Underdog Record: 17-10-1 Favorites: 11-3 (5-1 taking favs 10+ points) College: 14-7-1 NFL: 14-6 Its been a wild ride so far as I continue to stay above water. After fourteen days, I am tied to eighth position, a half-point from seventh, 1 match from 2 and fourth points out of first, that pays 40% of the pot. I have experienced some ups and downs, and certainly a few genuinely lucky breaks. In Week 1, I first went 6-1 but my failure was Nebraska -4 in Colorado. The Cornhuskers were up 17-0 at the half but gave up 24 from the fourth quarter and after that still had an opportunity in OT but the play calls of head coach Scott Frost were dreadful as well as the Buffs pulled out a 34-31 OT win. That craziness prevented me. In Week 2, I went 3-1 with faculty dogs which included shooting West Virginia +6.5 at home vs NC State along with the Eagles of Eastern Michigan +7 against Big Ten college Illinois. Not only did both cover but they both won straight up. You do a bit of confidence to get whenever youre pulling games out up like this. In Week 3, it was a 2-5 overall beatdown, my sole shedding week. I did call Appalachian State to triumph with a field goal vs UNC and they did just that, but that I had many losses per week also. I chased Michigan over Wisconsin per week and that game was a failure from the start. Despite outgaining the Colts in each stat except that the one who counts and thats the scoreboard and they lose by three in the NFL, I had the Falcons +2 against the Colts. In Week 4, I had been optimistic with all the Bills +7 in your home throughout the Patriots and a lot and that I was fortunate to insure that match by a point. In college , I went 4-0-1 in Week 5 and that comprised Oregon State as a 6-point dog that won up and Stanford as a dog that won straight up and both groups won by double digits. WOW… I actually have to pat myself on the back for all those 2 Pac-12 beauties. Because I have a garbage-time touchdown with 10 minutes left from the Texas 12-yard lineup, I also pulled a tie +11 using West Virginia. In a blowout I dropped in Week 6 and have learned the hard way to not gamble against the Wisconsin Badgers. Im and halftime did both games. Wisconsin might be the best team in the nation if you do and sleeping on them at this stage is just silly. However I went 6-1 ATS for the third time. I moved to 2-0 at the competition simply taking the Houston Texans as a road underdog. I won with them +5 vs the Chiefs and in Week 1 if they had been +7 from the Big Easy from the Saints. So all in all, I am still inside at 28-13-1 and can only hope I create intelligent picks and whether I use the drive, throw a coin or throw darts to make them, it does not matter as long as I are still on the perfect side more often than not. Read more here: https://mamifds.co.jp/wp/?p=11981