England and Arsenal winger Beth Mead hopes abusive chants will be stamped out of footballCat:未分類

Arsenal and england winger Beth Mead states there is no place for chants in football, in both mens or womens game. The event was marred by reports of chanting, although manchester United beat Liverpool 2-0 in their first ever Womens Super League meeting on Saturday. The FA are currently investigating Liverpools asserts that manager Vicky Jepson – together with the team in general – has been targeted from the United fans. United state they are conscious of the allegations and are investigating. Mead is starting on Saturday with Brazil, also says the chants have been a subject of discussion one of the Lionesses. Its disappointing and we do not want it coming to the womens game, but theres no room for it in either the mens or womens match, Mead said. Its very little minded of us do that and people develop for the love of soccer not for the dumb things coming out of peoples mouths. I hope its been stamped out and it doesnt happen again since it is not exactly what we as players, staff or anybody wants in the womens game. Read more here: https://mamifds.co.jp/wp/?p=11845