England and Scotland wait on Rugby World Cup typhoon decisionCat:未分類

When their final pool games with the Rugby World Cup should be rescheduled, Scotland and england will find out on Thursday morning. A press conference has been called by world Rugby to 4am BST where the update will be issued on whether Englands World Cup clash with France will be moved or cancelled. Super Typhoon Hagibis is due to sweep this weekend, even impacting the Pool C decider at International Stadium Yokohama on Saturday and also Scotlands critical group showdown from Japan 24 hours later. The options offered to World Rugby are to cancel the all-Six Nations fixture or transfer it to Oita, where the quarter-finals happen to be staged. With Hagibis due to have moved on by the close of the weekend, even Scotland might see their struggle with Japan delayed by 24 hours but played in the same venue. The storm, and on Wednesday was clarified by the Japanese Meteorological Agency asviolent, has escalated into a Category 5 super typhoon with winds reaching 180mph. Its many times that the dimensions of Typhoon Faxai, which killed three people, brought Tokyo into a standstill to the afternoon of Englands coming to the World Cup, delaying their exit from Narita Airport by half an hour, and left a million homes without power. Satellite images of the weather event show it is the size of Japan and reveals no indication of deviating from its route or decreasing in size. Irelands Pool A match against Samoa on Saturday and Wales Pool D conflict with Uruguay on Sunday are around the other side of Japan – at Kumamoto and Fukuoka, respectively – therefore most likely out of the Key path of this storm. A Met Office spokesperson informed that the PA news service:The total story stays the same. Typhoon Hagibis in the North Pacific is on track towards Japan this weekend. As of Wednesday morning, it had been located around 900 miles south of Tokyo with estimated wind speeds of around 120mph and gusts of 170mph. Obviously as Hagibis moves towards Japan it will weaken and these wind speeds will collapse. Were expecting that Hagibis is likely to make landfall on Saturday, maybe perhaps not too far away from Tokyo. With gusts of up to 135mph and with sustained wind strengths nonetheless of 90mph itll have weakened but by that point. Together with the winds, we are expecting rain across its path. Clearly with those exact powerful and severe winds, even with heavy rain, theres likelihood of significant effect from the harmful winds and also from storm surge. With waves that are Huge and all the winds, Theres the risk of flash flood From the Tokyo area The Met Office spokesperson added:While the location and degree of impact are still fairly uncertain, there is an increasing chance Hagibis will impact southern Japan. Read more here: https://mamifds.co.jp/wp/?p=11815