England: Gareth Southgate on James Maddison after casino visitCat:未分類

Our partners and we use cookies to give you the best experience, such as to personalise content and advertising. Information on your discussion with this site and the advertisements may be shared with firms involved in the delivery and/or personalisation of ads on this website and elsewhere online. Please let us know if you agree. England manager Gareth Southgate says he knowspretty much everything regarding his players later James Maddison was pictured in a casino even though pulling from the group with illness. Maddison, 22, was photographed on when England lost a Euro 2020 qualifier in the Czech Republic. Southgate said the Leicester midfielder may have learned theresincreased interest from England players. That goes with the territory. It is a high-profile posture, Southgate said. Once a player has been released from the group, then its up to them just how they spend their personal time. I figure what James has learned is that if youve got an involvement with England, then theres an increased spotlight on you personally and increased interest in your private and personal life also. Maddison, who made two assists for Leicester this season and has scored three goals, is to make his England debut but was named in the squad for the third time. He retreated to Mondays qualifier in Bulgaria and also the Czech Republic. I do not really want to talk about individuals but I know pretty much all about all of my players, Southgate said. I see every second of the football, if that is live or downloaded over a Sunday morning or a Sunday night, or a Monday morning. I speak for their club supervisors, I speak with Aidy [Boothroyd, England Under-21 supervisor ] and most of the trainers of the junior teams. We never know everything, but we have an extremely clear image of every player, and that is the due diligence that we should do. The Americas with Simon Reeve Get latest scores and headlines sent straight to your phone, and find out where to locate us on online. Read more here: https://mamifds.co.jp/wp/?p=11689