Rugby World Cup: England need pack leader to beat Australia – Matt Dawson columnCat:未分類

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But certainly in the past when hes played knock-out games with big choices, I would not have necessarily said he would be my first choice. Farrell, with Manu Tuilagi and Slade outdoors him was a combination during the Six Countries. Its a combination that the resistance struggled to get any change out of and then was very threatening in attack. It shuts down a great deal of choices for the resistance in terms of where they could attack because Farrell is strong there – theyve got to think of something. But there is going to be a question mark within Slade, who hasnt played more than 40 minutes of rugby. Can he be eloquent enough? Certainly on a Tiny run he had been through the Six Nations. He looked dangerous moving ahead. He ran excellent supporting lines, demonstrated ft and great ability – kicking as well as running. He read the play brilliantly – therefore I like that mix. Australia are going to come out which England wont expect and havent seen. Its a large shout putting. But it is his famous position – instead of the wing, by which hes won his caps – therefore it isnt like they are throwing him in at the deep end. Englands attention will be on Petaia, so youre able to guarantee that Australia are thinking about going someplace else and enjoying in another manner so that England will need to update their defence. They are a smart bunch and England need to be regarding what Australia can bring. The one surprise for me in the choice for Saturday of Australia is May Genia playing nine, since I really dont think hes been on form. I believe Nic White has been solid on when the match is open as a starter and Genia has arrived. If I had been in that England aspect Id be thinking, there is the man well squeeze. They will have to try and put pressure on the ruck so that Genia becomes a little indecisive and gets static ball. I think that selection that is scrum-half will be embraced by England. Moreover, Genia and fly-half Christian Lealiifano have begun together earlier. In contrast to Farrell and Ben Youngs, there is a difference there. In the back row, Australia will want to be certain that the adventure of David Pocock and ruler Michael Hooper gives them an advantage over England flankers Sam Underhill and Tom Curry. But it might only ignite Underhill and Curry are the stars of the World Cup. Should they get it right against Pocock and Hooper, who are around as the finest in the world as a partnership, then the England boys are going to put their name in lights. Pocock and Hooper will be well aware that their standing is up for grabs and this game will acquire all their attention and then some. In each of these quarter-finals you are likely to find every ounce of work and experience – everything will be thrown on the market. Nothing is going to be left to happen. Nothing else matters, when youve built up for a few years to it. There arent any warm-up games, theres absolutely no qualification from the pool. That is it. That is the reason they sacrificed themselveswhy they have been playing as long as they have and everything they dreamt of out of if they were at school. You have Pocock and Hooper that have been round the block, played some big games, but never won a World Cup. It will be their final chance. Then you have gotten the young pretenders coming who were probably motivated by Pocock and Hooper and want to take their mantle. The issue hanging around Englands performances has ever been, how is that they win the match if they are supporting with 20 minutes to go? Obviously, I would like England to not be in this position. But it might come to the leadership within the group. Whos the pack leader, although you have Farrell as captain? Its not easy to say. If you ask eight individuals they would likely name eight distinct players. When it comes to stress moments, one voice at the forward has to make things happen. There are loads of players with more or 50 caps. They ought to be, by now, good enough at making those choices. It is if they get it done at a quarter-final of their World Cup when there is no tomorrow, no debrief. Its win and move on or move home. Matt Dawson was speaking to BBC Sports Becky Grey. A World Cup quarter-final from Australia is time for the Eddie Jones job to provide, says former England scrum-half Matt Dawson. Do you often feel fatigued or short of breath? Junk talk, haka struggles, fresh stars burning bright and nation-uniting triumphs – just how much can you recall of these legendary Rugby World Cup minutes? Get latest scores and headlines delivered directly to your phone, sign-up to our newsletter and learn where to find us on online. How to enter rugby union – through the age groups up to the 15-player game or try rugby sevens, which made its Olympic debut in 2016. 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